When I lived in Manhattan it always seemed silly to me that people who grew up in the City took a perverse pride in never having visited the Statue of Liberty off of Battery Park or the Cloisters in Fort Tryon or many of the fascinating spots in between.   God forbid they should be mistaken for a tourist.  In Buffalo we too often suffer from a variation of the same malaise.  We have an exceptional gallery of modern and contemporary art at our fingertips and do we attend regularly?  Maybe I should speak for myself…not enough.  Living and working out in the ‘burbs it’s easy to take for granted the treasure at our doorstep. 

The Albright Knox Art Gallery in Delaware Park is exciting and alive with provocative new acquisitions and an enthralling exhibition that will be in Buffalo until June 28th.  Jennifer Steinkamp’s installations fit the Gallery’s rooms like a glove and bring an entirely new perspective to the spaces.  One of my favorites was the The Wreck of the DumaruIf you happen to be in LA, Steinkamp has a piece in The Getty’s California Video exhibition until June 8th.

Venture out of whatever limits you find yourself in, the limit of ‘not-enough-time’, the limit of ‘but-I-live-in-the-suburbs’, or the limit of ‘you-call-that-art?’  By exploring outside our comfort zone we find unlimited rewards!