How many of us tread these days with caution, or so stressed out we can’t remember our last good night’s sleep?   What would we do if we weren’t afraid?  Imagine the possibilities!

This year I decided to revisit my work with new eyes.  As a counselor I spend a lot of time giving others advice.  And I’m good at it.  What kept me from taking my own advice and making the dream I have for my practice a reality?  What held me back?

The conclusion I’ve drawn is that I was afraid.  Afraid of not being good enough, afraid that others would think I was over-reaching, afraid to look like a fool.  I’m not totally free of my fear but now what terrifies me more is the thought of dying without knowing what it was like to take the dare.

So here I am debuting on the World Wide Web. Yes, I know, it’s not such a big deal.  Kids one-tenth my age are perfectly fluent in this medium.  For me, however, it’s a little like that nightmare where I’m on stage in front of a full auditorium with no memory of my lines and buck-naked.  Do not tell me you never had that dream!

The point is… I do have something to offer you, whether you are new to my services or know me well.  My dream is to reach out beyond the brick and mortar limits of my office to help people, especially women, who are having trouble navigating the next part of their lives.  I will share information, counseling, wisdom gleaned from all parts of the world and my own thoughts and feelings on this complicated time of life.

If you ever thought, “I’m a smart person, how come I’m such a nervous wreck?” this blog is for you!