We are so happy and honored to announce Dr. Warren Keller’s new role as a consultant to Explore What’s Next! For over thirty years, Dr. Keller’s work with children and families has been highly esteemed by attorneys, physicians, professional colleagues, parents, and teachers in Western New York and beyond.

Dr. Keller’s expertise focuses on the evaluation and treatment of the social, emotional and behavioral issues that children experience. He has presented his research on ADHD, learning disorders, and central auditory processing disorders locally, nationally, and internationally. Dr. Keller, a psychologist/neuropsychologist,  has provided independent neuropsychological evaluations and assisted attorneys involved in personal injury litigation.

A special interest of Dr. Keller’s is performing early neutral evaluations so that parental custody and access issues might be determined without Court intervention. Dr. Keller is on the roster of court-appointed Parenting Coordinators in the Eighth Judicial District of New York State.

The professionals of Explore What’s Next are the fortunate recipients of Dr. Keller’s generous expert consultation and guidance to better serve the children, parents, and families of Western New York!

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