Photo by Stephen O’Bryan,

Today I was ho-humming along, feeling blah and uninspired. I knew I needed to write but the mojo wasn’t there. My muse had left the building. Then I stumbled upon this brilliant photograph by my friend and business coach Stephen O’Bryan. It was exactly what I needed today!

Here’s what Steve’s friend, Jason, commented about the photo: “…this is beautiful, in a lot of ways. The colors are SUPERB but again, it’s the story. Someone painted around this. I mean I’m sure it’s there on a white clapboard wall and then someone comes along with the job or desire to paint it blue, but they come to this and they leave it alone …. Why ? … Did they add the “yourself”?  It’s an amazing bit of storytelling.”

What is your story? How do you impress yourself? It’s a challenge but if you take the time to think about it I bet you could come up with at least two or three things you’ve done or are doing that are impressive! How about getting out of bed and taking a shower! Hey! That’s impressive for some of us, believe it! We can be our own inspiration!