Mindful movement refers to moving your body with awareness.  That is engaging your body in physical activity while placing your attention and focus on truly noticing and feeling what your body does throughout those movements.

an introduction to the practice of mindful movement

My class at Explore What’s Next is designed as an introduction to the practice of mindful movement.  It will focus on increasing awareness of our physical and emotional sensations as we move our bodies through the use of mindfulness meditation and gentle stretching exercises.

When and Where can you attend Mindful Movement Class

Is Mindfulness A Real Thing?

Mindfulness has empirical support for its efficacy in the management of symptoms of depression and anxiety, improved emotional-regulation, and decrease in overall stress associated with daily life.  Many individuals report an increased sense of calm, relaxation, self-awareness, and clarity.

Do I Need To Know Yoga?

Anyone with an interest in mindfulness is encouraged to attend.  No prior experience with mindfulness or yoga is required. If you enjoy gentle physical movements and are experiencing stress and discomfort, or simply would like to learn new ways to manage stress, then this class would be something to consider.

How Many Class Sessions?

Mindful Movement will consist of four class sessions that may be taken together in sequence or individually.  Note the most results will be seen with consistent attendance.

How Difficult Is The Mindful Movement Class

Each class will incorporate the practice of mindfulness with gentle stretching exercises. The focus will be on developing the skills necessary to increase our awareness with movement more so than on the movement itself.

Class Times of Mindful Movement

Class will be held Saturday mornings at 9:30 AM lasting one hour at The Studio at Explore What’s Next Amherst location.

Mindful Movement Class Location 

If you are asking yourself. “Where can I take a Mindful Movement Class Near Me” then look no furthe than1416 Sweet Home Road, Suite 3, Amherst NY, 14228. Please Note: The location of the class is in “The Studio at Explore What’s Next,” in Suite 3

The First Mindful Movement Class is…

The first class will begin on November 3rd.  Subsequent class dates are November 10th, November 17th, and December 1st.

The Cost is…

Individual classes are $20. Cost to enroll in all four classes is $65.  Payment may be made with cash, check, or credit card.

What To Bring…

Attendees are asked to bring their own yoga mats.


If you are interested please contact me directly

716-867-5301 or drshannonking@gmail.com.

Please feel free to call with any questions.

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A Little About Me

I graduated from Medaille College with my doctorate of psychology (PsyD) in clinical psychology, with a special training focus on health psychology. I have utilized MBCBT intensively for the past three years in my clinical work at Erie County Medical Center (ECMC). Other degrees include a masters of science in special education and adolescent english education.  I have been practicing yoga and meditation since the early 2000’s with the incorporation of mindfulness in 2012. I have been taking yoga classes consistently for the past two years from local studios and am in the process of completing my 200-hour flow teacher certification course. 

716.867.5301 | drshannonking@gmail.com



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