Look no further, exercise is the magic bullet!  My clients can tell you what a nag I am about this.  Since I live in the real world I struggle practicing what I preach.  What keeps me moving isn’t lofty thoughts of self-improvement… it’s pain.  Chronic illness and the pain that often comes with it has been with me since my mid-twenties.   Scleroderma effects connective tissue which in turn effects joints.  I couldn’t take the usual pain medication because my kidneys were touchy.  My doctor told me to move.  I whined and begged for mercy but he was insistent and he was right.  Exercise can be the best pain killer for many conditions.  An unexpected bonus was that the depression that haunted me began to lift.  I was happier!  It’s a lesson worth learning over and over again….which I do, because often enough, I fall off the wagon. 

You Name It, Exercise Helps It, by Jane E. Brody, health writer for the New York Times, says it better than I can.    Read Jane often, she’s good for you, too.