Time for the top ten list! 2013 was a very good year for Explore What’s Next. Nicole Newcomb and Kate Maleski joined our team of wonderful therapists, we settled into our beautiful new office space and expanded our hours and types of service! It makes me just burst with pride at how EWN has grown!

Meanwhile, back at the blog, we have a sweet collection of articles about how to deal with anxiety, how to build better relationships and useful tips to get through those times of stress that can knock us down for the count. Here are ten of the most popular posts for 2013:

3 Steps to Stop Anxiety’s Lies

4 Elements of a Good Marriage

Pushing Through Fear

For Couples: Two Steps to Successful Problem Solving

 In Marriage: Shut Up and Listen!

3 Things I Learned When My Blog Was Hacked

6 Helpful Tips for Parents of Troubled Teens

3 Ways to a More Resilient Self-Esteem

4 Ways to Deal with Grief During the Holidays

For the Holidays: Change can be Empowering!

Looking forward to an Awesome New Year
filled with peace of mind,
strength of heart and resiliency of spirit!