1. Stopped procrastinating and finished post for PsychCentral.
  2. Closed the laptop and walked away.
  3. Got in the car. Opened the sun roof (a big deal in WNY, trust me).
  4. Plugged in iPod. Set it to 'shuffle' mode. Surprise me!
  5. Sang loudly with the Pointer Sisters all the way to the barn.
  6. Enjoyed blue sky and puffy white clouds.
  7. Got to barn and breathed in sweet horsey smell.
  8. Heard Annie, my mare, nicker at me, anticipating carrots.
  9. Fed Annie carrots.
  10. Brushed Annie off for fifteen minutes (she's shedding).
  11. Took a walk and hand grazed her in the sun.
  12. Smiled all the way home.