To say goodbye to the old year and welcome in 2010 here some of the most popular posts from Explore What's Next 2009 – One for every month.

Thank you for your support and stimulating commentary! Please keep it coming!

Happy New Year to All!

January: Counting Calories in Restaurants… Or I Ate All That ?!!!

February: 12 Things You Want Your In-Laws to Know

March: Happiness Is Not the Goal: Resiliency Is

April: 8 Steps to Find Hope After an Affair

May: Jealous?

June: Tips to Find a Good Enough Doctor

July: The Imperfect Blogger

August: To Be or Not To Be My Kid's Friend On Facebook

September: Ten Steps to Lower Anxiety and Find Empowerment

October: Ten More Ways to Lower Anxiety

November: How Can You Tell If You're Really In Love?

December: Mom Did Not Teach Me How to Brag

Did you have a favorite not listed? Which one? Is there a post from this or any other blog that stuck in your head because it made you laugh, moved you, was really helpful or reassuring?