"It's All About Taking Risks" was the title of my very first blog post ever, published in February 2007! What a great title! Who knew how significant it would become?

Three years ago. Wow.

Since starting the blog so much has happened at Explore What's Next. Most of them involved holding my nose and taking a big leap. Here are a few highlights:

Expanded by adding a new associate therapist! Welcome Dylan Broggio!

Started a book to help anyone living with chronic illness live fully one day at a time.

Became a regular contributor to Psych Central, a mental health mega-blog followed by hundreds of thousands of people.

Sited on the New York Times 'Well' blog.

Was interviewed and quoted in Parent's Magazine.

EWNblog was named one of the top 100 blogs about depression by nursingschools.net.

Skyped consultation and counseling sessions from all over the US and five of the world's continents! (Have not had a client in Australia or Africa yet. Call me, people!)

Developed true friendships with other professional writers and therapists from around the world.

Opened Twitter and Facebook accounts where I enjoy a fun, lively, informative conversation with even more people!

Joined the Movement is Life Wellness Center as an associate professional.

Lost 20 pounds by counting calories and exercising. This is a personal one but it effects my energy levels and what I can do for EWN, too. It means a lot!

There is probably more but I'm still not great at this self-promotion business (see Mom Did Not Teach Me How to Brag). That's something I really need to get over once and for all. It's just annoying at this point. I will work on that in 2011.

Other goals for 2011 are:

Finish the damn book! Because it isn't helping anyone while it's in a drawer.

Start a new one! Because I have at least five more in me.

Video blogging. Still an area I would like to get into because I think I'd be good at it.

Finding the time to do the above by being better about saying "No". Speaks for itself, don't you think?

Meditate more because it makes me feel even-keeled and happy.

Continue to serve, to the best of my ability, the people who come to me for help and guidance. Because that is the greatest reward. Corny, I know, but so true!

Thank you for letting EWN be a part of your life.