Courtesy of tjstaab via Flickr

There’s an app on my iPod that provides the weather forecast. A quick glance is just depressing. Monday-Rain, Tuesday-Rain, Wednesday-Rain…. The only thing that doesn’t keep me from feeling totally pathetic is the news from the Mississippi flood plain. How can I possibly complain when there are so many losing or in danger of losing everything? Relative to their heartache I have nothing to feel so bad about. Instead I  posted a cry for help on my Facebook page and several friends responded. What do they do on a cold, rainy day in May to chase the blues away? Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Take yourself or a friend to a silly movie! Get away from the TV and go to an actual theatre. Sharing the experience with other people in the audience is different from sitting alone no matter how big your screen is. And there’s movie house popcorn! I went to see Bridesmaids yesterday. Yes, parts of it was gross (it’s an Apatow movie after all) but I laughed a lot too, on a day I really needed it.
  2. Give yourself a mani-pedi or go out and get one. A home spa treatment while I watched re-runs of Jim and Pam’s wedding on The Office felt like heaven.
  3. Music. Live or on Pandora, the radio or CD! Play it loud, play it soft, sit still or dance like no one is watching you!
  4. A live broadway show. Wicked is in my town and I’m hoping to find reasonable tickets before the week is out.
  5. Go to the library. At my library you can find a pick up game of chess as well as the usual, books, CDs, DVDs, magazines computers…
  6. An art gallery.
  7. Find a good book to dive into. Do not get hung up on appearances when all you want is to lose yourself in a book. A good romance novel is better than nothing.
  8. Take the good book and go to a cafe you love.
  9. Dig up a favorite recipe and cook it up.
  10. Instead of being upset you can’t get into the garden, browse through gardening magazines, make an appointment with a landscaper, go to a favorite nursery and window shop.
  11. Same with golf if you’re a golfer.
  12. Glance at your closet and take out three things you don’t wear any more.
  13. Go shopping for just one thing that makes your heart sing.
  14. Take the stuff you took out of your closet to the Goodwill and make a donation.
  15. Take your bike for a tune up to get it ready for a sunny day.
  16. Take a yoga class or just put in a DVD and have a class of one.
  17. Look at one room in your house and adjust one little thing to make it more comfortable.
  18. Take advantage of the forced inactivity and take a guilt free daytime nap.
  19. Meditate.
  20. Indulge in a nice cuddle with a loved one.
  21. Indulge in anything chocolate! Hot chocolate is especially good on a cold, rainy day.
  22. Call up a friend and invite them to lunch somewhere new you’ve always wanted to try.
  23. Make a fire in the fireplace! I know it’s not winter any more but who cares? A gas or wood fire can be just the thing to brighten a dull grey, wet day.
  24. Were something bight and fun! Even if it’s cold you can still put on those bright red pumps and kick it!

What do you do to keep the rainy day blues away?