I stumbled upon this one minute video through Oprah Mobile, a new iPod app I downloaded the other day. Dr. Oz suggests these ideas for reducing stress:

Easy ways to reduce stress photo of man on a bus or train looking stressed

1) Press gently on your eyes with the palms of your hand. This is a new one to me. I tried it and it does feel good as long as I don’t press too hard. Does it reduce stress? Hard to tell. I do tend to rub my eyes when I’m tired. Maybe instead of rubbing I should just press.

2) Aromatherapy. This one I’m totally familiar with. Dr. Oz explains that scents send stimulation straight to our lizard brain evoking deeply emotional responses. We can use that reflex to our benefit through aromatherapy. Right by my bedside I have a little bottle of lavender essential oil. A put a few drops on my pillow if I’m having a bit of trouble going to sleep. Lavender and vanilla scents are known to be relaxing. On my desk where I want to be alert, I have a bottle of rosemary oil. Rosemary stimulates and is particularly good for learning and memory.

3) Music. This is a good one, too. Art Blakey, the famous jazz musician, said, “Music is the broom that sweeps away the dust of the day.” It doesn’t matter what you listen to, the Rolling Stones or the New York Philharmonic, the Raconteurs or Louis Armstrong, just take the time to pause and listen, maybe even dance a little, play it yourself or sing along.

Music is a guaranteed stress buster.

4) Breathe. Breathing is my favorite. No list of stress busters is complete without it. Breathing may not be new but maybe you haven’t seen Dr. Oz demonstrate how to do it for you. It’s really kind of funny when he sticks his belly out.

Top Stress Busters Video, by Dr. Oz

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