1. Your spouse/partner/boyfriend is perfect…except for this one thing he does when he's eating soup which makes you insane!

2. You are facing a transition. A move, career change, retirement, and other such life events can mess up your relationship's balance.

3. You are in love and looking forward to your life
together.  A couples counselor will help you set up good relationship habits
before bad ones have a chance to creep in.

4. There is a problem outside the relationship that is causing stress. It's not the relationship, it's – a bad boss, an ex-spouse, step-kids, demanding in-laws, caring for a chronically ill loved one – you name it.

5. There is tension in the air but you are thinking, "It's not that bad yet."

By working with couples before they are unhappy, the checkup identifies
potentially “corrosive” behaviors and helps couples make small changes
in communication style before their problems spiral out of control.

So says a recent New York Times article, Seeking to Pre-empt Marital Strife. And I say Amen to that!

I'm a couples counselor and I love this work when the relationship is basically sound but has gone off track for some reason. The challenge is monumental when the troubles have gone on unchecked for months, even years, and the couple have finally agreed to see a counselor, clearly as a last resort. Please don't wait until you are just this side of breaking up before you seek help.

“Couples won’t go to marital therapy with just the one thing that they
are struggling with,” Dr. Córdova said. “So they end up struggling in
places where the fix might be simple, it’s just that they themselves
are blind to it.”

Couples who come in before it gets 'too bad' don't need a ton of therapy. It is still true that an ounce of prevention is way worth a pound of cure! 

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