Now we get to the major point of this trip: a new web site for Explore What’s Next! How did we get here and what’s next?

1) Recognize the need for a new website. I love the design Steve originally came up with four years ago but it became obsolete when Dylan, our new therapist, joined EWN. With the expectation of further growth the need for a new design that would grow with us became acute.

2) Merge the blog with the website design. People compliment the EWN website all the time saying the information on it allowed them to get a good feel for what Explore What’s Next is and for who I am. These days, however, a one stop destination is an advantage for both the reader and the administrator of a business site. Besides, I like the feeling of continuity.

3) Find a good program that will give you maximum control over all aspects of the site. Steve recommended WordPress. I was skeptical for a long time because I used WordPress before and basically hated it. The WordPress people got wise and made some much needed changes, making it so much easier to use. The past few days have been spent learning the basics. I still couldn’t set it up without Steve, but I will be able to maintain it day to day.

4) Transfer all info from old sites to the new design. This will be partly easy, partly labor intensive but not impossible. Steve and I will be doing the bulk of this work tomorrow. (I hope. Steve says, “Ye of little faith.”) We will have to break down the old site and replace it with the new one under the same address. The transfer will take a little time. It’s not instant like I thought it would be. Steve and I will be building it over a several hours, page by page.

5) Launch new website & blog. From the time of launch, this Typepad blog site, (www. will be put to bed. It will still be here but you won’t find anything new here. I will put one last post up with directions and a link to go to the New Explore What’s Next website and blog at The first page of the new website will be the blog so that all the new up-to-the-minute stuff will be right up front. You won’t miss anything.

That will be an exciting day for me and an historic one for EWN. I can’t wait!