Sunday’s are for sleeping just enough to feel indulgent, fixing a yummy hot breakfast (eggs and cornbread! Yum!) and diving into the Sunday Times. The top story in the Sunday Review section, usually a space to find analysis about the latest political snafu, was “Is Junk Food Really Cheaper?”

I just read this super-sized article about our nations continuing fast food habit, a familiar story. One part of the solution is cooking at home. Unfortunately cooking is often seen as an extension of work. Marion Nestle, NYU prof of food studies (I am a long-time fan) says: “Anything that you do that’s not fast food is terrific; cooking once a week is far better than not cooking at all. It’s the same argument as exercise: more is better than less and some is better than none.”

Change The Fast Food Habit!

1. Plan a meal that you can cook any time of day, even days before it will be eaten. That way maybe you can disconnect cooking from work and are less apt to give up on the notion on the way home and settle for a fast food drive by.

2. Find healthier fast food alternatives. Wegman’s have $6.00 meals that offer an entree and two sides that are prepared in a home-cooked manner.

3. Use the resources so available now to plan healthy easy to prepare and cheap meals. Apps like Whole foods, Sparkpeople, My fitness pal etc.

4. Replace soda with water and if you can’t stand water, spike the water with fruit juice, lemon, orange, cranberry, apple.

5. Plan your fast food visits as a special treat instead of the usual thing.

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