Editor’s Note: Today we lost an hour! That would be totally  unacceptable except that going into Daylight Savings mode is a sign that Spring and Summer are just around the corner despite the crazy weather. After this endless winter, especially for those of us in the Deep North, I can really use Kate’s post on how to break out of those bad winter habits!


This morning I woke up to chirping of the birds and I thought “we are almost there.” The past week I have really been noticing the days seem longer which has showed me that there is light at the end of the tunnel. This winter has really left me feeling sluggish and I am ready to make some changes. Here are a few ways that have worked for me!

5 Ways to Break Out of Winter Into Spring!

5 Ways to Break Out of Winter Into Spring!

1.  Spring Clean. Get rid of the unhealthy patterns that you have been doing this winter. Throw away the comfort foods that have left you feeling sluggish.

2.  Act on your resolutions. Don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t kept your resolutions. Start today! Sometimes it is hard to make changes when you are feeling “blah”. Have today the day you do something new.

3.  Get some sun. Winter months are shorter and darker and keeps you isolated inside which can affect your mood. When you see the sun take a walk outside even if there is still a coldness in the air.

4.  Treat yourself. When you have something to look forward to your mood is better. Plan a night out to dinner at your favorite restaurant or plan a spa treatm5970115488_583f929819ent that you have been wanting to do.

5.  Face your challenging situation. Is there something that has been causing you pain? If you work on it now then maybe you will feel better in time for the nice weather. Remember if you try to shove it under the rug the rug doesn’t disappear and  you end up tripping on it!

Tomorrow morning try to hear the chirping of the birds and see if you are also left with the thought “we are almost there”!!!

What do you do to break out those Winter blahs? Please share by clicking on the post and sharing in the comments section! We would love to hear your ideas.



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