The holidays are great in so many ways. It ranges from spending time with family and loved ones to just taking a break from the daily grind of routine. However sometimes this special time of the year starts to become burdensome and difficult on us and it becomes difficult to deal with the complexities of ourselves and those that we love. Over the years Dr Aletta and the Associates at Explore What’s Next have written some articles that provide tips, suggestions and ideas of how to make it through the holidays. Here are some of our favorite Holiday Posts from Explore What’s Next.

6 Articles About Surviving The Holidays

6 Articles About Surviving The Holidays

9 Depression Busters Just in Time for the Holidays

This is a great article that has some really great tips from Therese Borchard. My favorite is to avoid Toxic People during the holidays! Such an easy idea, why didn’t I think about that? What was your favorite tip? Tell me in the comments!

10 Tips for Surviving the Family Holiday When Your Family Is Nuts!

Family! It’s like they say… You can pick your friends but you can’t pick your family. You can love them or you can not but they are still your family and even the best families have the worst moments. Here are 10 tips to surviving the Famiy Holiday while you are Surviving The Holidays!

Random Acts of Christmas Cheer

We all know that the holidays can bring out the worst in people but when you really look you can also spot the best in people.  Read about how Dr Aletta discovered some Random Acts of Christmas Cheer!

12 Links For A Happy Holiday!

Need some help finding a happy holiday in your life? Look no further then our article that gives you 12 links to cover the holiday season and how to get through it. Don’t be shy, tell us what’s on your go to list?

5 Blog Posts Just In Time For the Holidays

What? Your reading through this article and you still need more? Well here are 5 more blog posts that are just in time for surviving the holidays!

A Boxing Day Video Gift

Boxing day is the little holiday that is often overlooked but is still precious in the hearts of our friends in Canada and the United Kingdom. Enjoy!

No matter what your faith, culture, traditions, lifestyle, ethnicity, culture, sexual preference or polticial persuasion is Dr Aletta and everyone at Explore What’s Next wants to wish you all a very happy holiday. If you do find yourself struggling to control your emotions and are struggling with anything please contact our office number at Explore What’s Next and setup an appointment. We know that while the holidays are magical for some they can also be tough on others. if you are in the Buffalo, East Amherst,  Niagara region of upstate New York and you need us then call us at 716.308.6683 or email us at If you are outside our region and you want to setup a secure, video conferencing session we can do that as well. Just reach out to s and we’ll get back to you.

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Holidays to all!