A friend of mine called from Miami.
A Buffalo transplant, she
was homesick whichDSC00197

put her in a cranky mood. (Yes, you can be homesick for Buffalo.) She asked what the weather was like "up there". Honestly, I said, I couldn't remember when I saw the sun last. Then she had the nerve to complain about how unseasonably hot it was in Florida. What is it about human beings that we enjoy complaining about the weather so much? And when does a wintertime bad mood get upgraded to Seasonal Depression?

The symptoms of SAD are easily recognizable: sleeping too much, little energy, craving sweets and starchy foods, weight gain, feeling irritable and sad.

Many us who live where the winters come early and stay late feel this way at some point while the sun is scarce. We cope by self-medicating with chocolate. However, if the symptoms are severe, last more then a couple of weeks, and you can't get to Miami, contact me and we'll find you the help you need.