What I think we can always use in this life, whether things are going as we like and we are reasonably happy, or we are stressed to the max and feel we can’t possibly take it anymore, is a good laugh. The importance of exercising and maintaining our sense of humor is second only to knowing how to breathe.

A Merry Christmas Wish The Gift of Laughter

A Merry Christmas Wish, the Gift of Laugher

For Christmas, my teenage son gave me the gift of laughter. He had no idea it would become one of the best presents I received this year. Off-hand, as we ate our pancakes and bacon breakfast, he told us about this website, whenparentstext.com, that a friend turned him on to.

Kids send in their parents efforts at texting, often with hilarious results. As a parent, it is part embarrassing because I know I’ve sent my kids some awful texts that could easily be submitted for all the world to see.

But it is also part unifying in that we are all in this weird, wonderful world together, make the same mistakes and can laugh at ourselves, together. Take a look and see what I mean. It helps to look at it with a teenager who can translate as needed.

What makes you lol? Please share your favorite laugh-inducing activity, website or joke (keep it G rated, please) and have a very Merry Christmas.

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