I love how the Internet introduces you to the most interesting people. Because Therese Borchard published an interview with me on Psych Central, 5 Rules for Living With Chronic Illness: An Interview with Dr. Aletta, Anne Watson Barber wrote this comment:

"A very common-sensical interview! The advice can also be appropriate
for caregivers of the chronically ill: we are struggling with issues of
grief and insufficient support circles as well. I hope Elvira’s book
addresses the issue of caregiver depression as well. Thank you!"

The book I'm writing on living with chronic illness will have a companion piece specifically intended to be helpful to family and friends of the chronically ill. It's interesting that my editor suggested doing just that soon after I got underway with this project. I've been both 'caree' and caregiver and Anne is right. The same self-care advice is good for both sides of the sickbed.

To learn more about Anne I clicked on her name and this wonderful blog came up, Caregiverland. Don't you just love that name? Anne describes herself as a, "Former journalist in Brooklyn who ended up in the suburbs, as a
caregiver to my ailing parents. Kept lots of journals and devotional
entries to help me deal with caregiver depression and stress; I share
these entries in this blog. Avid gardener and geek."

Caregiverland has a lot to offer anyone taking care of someone they love. Just a quick peak displayed a wealth of thoughtfulness, kindness, frustration, stress and heavenly inspiration. If you are caring for elderly parents, dependent children or any other charge, visit Caregiverland for some honest nurturing for the nurturer or at least a reality check.