Oh weight loss! We give ourselves the day ‘Off’ from watching every calorie. One day of eating whatever you want, especially when the holiday is dedicated to gobbling all your favorite foods. What’s the harm?

None, except that who can stop at ONE DAY? What about those delicious leftovers? What about cooking your college student son’s favorites? What about those leftovers? Did I say that already?

weight loss - stop eating now

The Monday after Thanksgiving is where I draw the line, or try to anyway. Back to recording food in my online journal, back to weighing myself (ouch!), back to the work of eating right to lose weight.

weight loss & the benefits

But, there are benefits to the work! Back to feeling more energetic! Back to feeling more comfortable in my jeans! Back to feeling proud because I’m doing something good for myself that has long term benefits!

I totally enjoyed the culinary delights of Thanksgiving and look forward to doing the same for Christmas. I know deep down that the enjoyment is more intense because those days are the exception, not the rule. If food indulgence is the norm then there are no treats! How boring would that be?

Here’s Janice Taylor, Our Lady of Weight Loss, sharing her thoughts on how to get back on the weight loss wagon fast!

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