It is my pleasure to introduce you to Linda Groat, Professional Organizer and friend. Linda helped me reclaim the space in my home office a few years ago. There is no way I could have gotten rid of seven garbage bags full of stuff without her.

In this interview, A time and a place for everything, by Jane Kwiatkowski of The Buffalo News, Linda shares organizing systems that work for her. She is the first to understand that her system may not be for everybody. For example, I couldn’t possibly plan meals a month ahead of time but weekly meal planning is a great stress buster in my family. I am also an advocate of teaching kids to do their own laundry as soon as they can reach the dials on the washer. It fosters independence and empowerment if taught and supervised with love.

As a psychologist, I do believe that de-cluttering relieves stress. In the 3000 year old feng shui tradition a well-balanced space releases Chi, or energy.  If you need some assistance to find your Chi under all that stuff, call Linda.

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