• Do you find yourself at a crossroads?
  • Do the old definitions of who you are not work anymore?
  • Not enjoying the place you’ve wound up in your work or relationships?

We’ve been there. We know how awful it feels when life events and responsibilities overwhelm our dreams. Explore What’s Next is customized to your individual needs to provide relief from emotional pain with effective, practical and long lasting results. Explore What’s Next offers individual counseling and psychotherapy for adolescents and adults of all ages, relationship counseling, life coaching and consultation. Contact us today!

Elvira Aletta for webDr. Aletta, Founder of Explore What’s Next

Dr. Aletta is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 25 years of experience helping individuals and couples reach their full potential.

Dr. Aletta enjoys her work so much it’s almost ridiculous! The unique problems that each individual or couple brings in are challenges that are met together. With her personal experience and professional expertise, plus your knowledge of yourself and motivation, you can address the stresses that threaten to engulf you.

Dr. Aletta created Explore What’s Next to be effective for you. We provide professional service with compassion, direct engagement, and non-judgmental support in a comfortable, private space, in the office or with Skype.


Dylan Broggio, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Dylan specializes in counseling teens and their families. She also enjoys working with adult individuals who are struggling with anxiety, depression or are overwhelmed by life’s stresses. Dylan is smart, enthusiastic and professional. Her clients appreciate her great sense of humor, genuine understanding and empathy.

Dylan truly lives up to the requisites of an Explore What’s Next therapist: Qualified, kind and easy to talk to.

With Dylan coming on board, EWN is able to offer expanded hours, including Saturdays. This will be especially helpful for students during the school year or individuals and families in need of greater scheduling flexibility.




Our style is highly interactive.

We stand by your side problem solving.

 Our work together is collaborative.

We provide the guidance, you provide the motivation!

You are the ultimate agent of change in your life!