Maybasket2001 Where I grew up in Topeka, Kansas, we had a lovely May Day tradition. Us kids would make little baskets out of brightly colored construction paper, tie ribbons around the handles and stuff them full of fragrant lilac, hyacinth, daffodils, dandelions, whatever was in the garden. With the finishing touch, a handful of M&Ms and Hershey's kisses, the baskets were ready for delivery.

When dusk fell we ventured out into the neighborhood. At each house we tip toed onto the porch, hooked our baskets on the door knob, rang the doorbell and ran off to hide. After our adventures we walked home to find our own baskets filled with spring flowers and bits of chocolate on our door steps. Remembering is nostalgic and sweet.

Around the world, in many cultures, May Day is full of significance. May Day celebrations started before Roman times. May first is a special day of honor for the Virgin Mary in the Catholic Church. And in many countries May 1st is the universal labor day dedicated to celebrating the importance of the worker to society.

And the distress call "MAY DAY! MAY DAY!" cried out by pilots in every war movie we've ever seen? Has nothing to do with the month of May but it's cool anyway.