If you haven’t read it yet you might consider downloading Andy Borowitz’s ebook “An Unexpected Twist.”

A short synopsis: “A mysterious medical ailment leads to a terrifying–and darkly hilarious–brush with death.”

Having lived through my share of “mysterious medical ailments” I can vouch for the authenticity of Borowitz’s story. From the uneasy feeling of trusting your guts, much less your life, to a doctor you’ve never met before, to the ridiculousness of the 0-10 pain scale. “TEN! Motherf*&%er!!!”

Borowitz is brilliant at using unsentimental, sharp humor to describe how illness, sudden, painful illness, gives equal parts humiliation and gratitude.

Plus it’s a love story!

Just 99 cents. You can grab a blanky, curl up on the sofa and read it in one cozy winter’s afternoon like I did.