1. Vacation isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Do you ever find yourself needing time to recover from your vacation? I mean, air travel alone is enough to exhaust the most serene person in the Universe. Do NOT get me wrong, I would not trade my vacation time for a Prada hand bag (I don’t think…) and there is nothing, no thing, that can replace precious gobs of time with my young adult son and daughter. Even so I needed a full week back home to “recover” from my vacation.

2. Rest=Energy. Despite my crankiness over the imperfection of my vacation I did get some much needed rest. The Colorado family house where we stayed, is two times zones West of us. That means I could sleep in to say 9:00AM  and feel completely indulged like a teenager on break. That’s 11:00AM New York time! My usual wake up time is around 5:30! Plus, fortunately for me and our budget, I have a husband and those two wonderful young adult kids who actually like to cook and understand the need to share in the joy of cleaning up. (Teach them early and consistently, my friends!)

3. Got off the grid. For two solid weeks I did not look at Facebook, I tweeted only once, and sent maybe three emails. Blog posts for EWN were written beforehand and put on a timer to be released while I was gone. I worked really hard before going on vacation to make sure, as much as I could, that I gave myself that gift. What did I do instead? I read a ton, had great conversations with family, got outside, took in the beauty. Social media is not evil. I love it. But stepping away now and then keeps the heart engaged, don’t you think?

4. Explore What’s Next is Growing!!!  I am so excited that my dream to expand EWN services is coming true! EWN is in the process now of hiring more qualified, terrific therapists. If you or someone you know fits what we are looking for and is interested in starting or developing a psychotherapy private practice please CALL ME! We need to talk! For more information click here!

5. New Bigger Offices!!! Hiring more therapists means Explore What’s Next needs more space! The new space is in the same building as the current suite, handy for moving and for current clients. My landlords have been building out the space to our specifications. Every time I walk through I get jazzed! We will be moving into our bigger suite at the end of September, doubling the space we have now.

Choosing colors and shopping for furniture isn’t the easiest thing in the world for me. I tend to obsess driving everyone around me crazy until I make a decision and then I succumb to a horrible case of buyer’s remorse. But I’ll save that story for another time.

My goal is to create an inviting, comfy, safe place for you to visit, just like the little office space is. If you have any ideas for me to achieve this please share!

The new space, new therapists and getting back to talking with you here on this blog has me totally chomping at the bit, ready to plunge in the deep end with commitment and energy!