How long can we be wishing each other a Happy New Year? A very hip friend of mine who knows these things answered with confidence, “All the way through January!”

Taking this bit of wisdom, I decided it wasn’t too late for a good old fashioned “Best of 2018” list. Call me corny but I love me a good Best of the Year list. “Best Movies of 2018” or “Best Books of 2018” always grab my attention.

do something great

When I look back on the articles published on the EWN blog last year, the ones that I’m particularly proud of, I think of What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid?, Should I Stay or Should I Go?, written by guest blogger, Dr. Darci Cramer, Six Ways to Talk About Sexting With Your Teen, frank advice from Christine Frank, LMSW, Stuff That Hurts, 3 Steps to Being Happier Right Now, How Yale’s Most Popular Class Helped Me Survive My 25th College Reunion,a wise, reflective article by Emily Becker, 4 Ways to Combat Social Anxiety, written by our newest associate, Dr. Tacianna Indovina. And this is just a sampling! Because honestly, it’s hard for me to decide which are “the best”, they are all so fun, informative, inspiring and helpful.

What do our readers think? What are the articles that grab the most attention throughout the year? Below is a list of the most frequently visited blog posts In 2018. Starting with the most popular…

1. The Rise & Fall of Weight Gain On Prednisone.

prednisone and weight loss

When I wrote this article I was recovering from a bad relapse of my chronic illness. I knew my struggles had to be shared with many people. The reaction to this article continues to humble me. Through the 74 comments left by readers, each one telling their own story of illness, struggle and surviving, I continue to be humbled and inspired.

2. Taking the Panic Out of the Period: How to Explain Menstruation to Your Daughter.

Taking the Panic Out of the Period: 8 Tips to Explain Menstruation to Your Daughter

This article was written after hearing yet another horror story from a client of how they learned about this natural female milestone. I’m glad I could share a better way for us as parents and for our daughters. The enthusiastic response to this article proved it was the right post at the right time.

3. The Medication I hate But Can’t Live Without: Prednisone.

the medication I love to hate but can't live without - prednisone

As you can see, my chronic illness informed a lot of my writing. In fact, it resulted in my book, published as an ebook in 2018, 7 Rules For Living Well With Chronic Illness. A lot of people were like me, prescribed this amazingly powerful medication long term, at high doses, without adequate education about its brutal side effects. Believing that forewarned is forearmed, knowing that many of us had no choice in the matter, I decided to put it some education and support out there. I’m so glad I did.

4. 5 Ways to Make a Decision Despite Anxiety.

5 ways to make a decision despite anxiety

Our best and most popular articles are inspired by our clients. When we begin to see a pattern of people who are caught like deer in the headlights when it comes to making even a simple decision, like what to do over the weekend, much less a more complicated one like whether or not to take that job, we figure there are many more out there who could use some help. And we were right.

5. What To Do If Your Teen Is Cutting.

What to Do if Your Teen is Cutting

A very serious topic handled with a firm, kind hand by former EWN associate, Dylan Broggio, LCSW-R. This article has been on the top 12 list year after year. As a result, several reassuring follow up articles have come to be on the subject of cutting for teens as well as parents.

6. Am I Depressed Or Surrounded By Assholes

Am I Depressed or Just Surrounded by #!%holes?

SO popular! This article struck a chord with so many. This is probably the article most likely to be brought up to me by blog readers at a party. Yes, that actually happens! Everyone with any sensitivity can relate just to the title!

7. 12 Tips For When Adult Children Come Back Home.

Time for a follow-up – How to Live with Your Parents When You Have To Go Back After College And Before You Can Afford Your Own Place.

8. 8 Steps to Stop Cognitive Distortions or at Least Slow Them Down.

Cognitive Distortions

I direct my clients to this article all the time. This one and the accompanying articles about how our thinking can get messed up, cause us to be depressed or anxious and what to do about it are a good starting place.

9. 5 Ways to Cope With the Anxiety of Starting Something New

5 Ways to Cope with the Anxiety of Starting Something New

Kate Maleski, LCSW-R. I still go to this article once in a while when I’m starting something new, which is all the time at EWN! Kate gives such accessible, doable-right-now advice! It really helps.

10. You’ve Been Ghosted: 5 Things to Do Next

You’ve Been Ghosted!  Five Things to Do Next:

Christine Frank, LMSW. This article is SO GOOD! No matter how you’ve been ghosted, by someone you’ve been dating, a co-worker, even an employee, Christine gives the ultimate, reassuring reality check. It’s no wonder why this post is so popular.

11. 5 Reasons NOT to Go to Therapy.

5 reasons not to go to therapy

This was so much fun to write because as therapists, we hear every “I’d go to therapy but..” reason ever spoken out loud by friends, family, acquaintances, even the guy that changes the oil in your car.