Celebrating the end of 2012 is just fine with me! We had some bad times: The return of my kidney disease early in the year hit me like a ton of bricks. But what the heck! We had some good times too! Moving into the new office space has been awesome! Work life and family life is good. So in balance, despite my negative brain trying to convince me the entire year was one long annus horribilis, we are still here, surrounded by a great deal of goodness. I am thankful for so much including you, dear reader, and this blog!

Below are my favorite articles from 2012. Enjoy and let’s look forward to a peaceful, healthy and happy 2013 !

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August: 7 Ways to be Nicer to Yourself

September: Video: When a Good Ego Defense is Like a Helmet

October: If You Have Anxiety…

November: When Asked, Don’t Panic. Just Say “I’ll Think About It.” Then Say “No.”

December: How to Avoid Spending the Holidays with Seriously Toxic People