Here’s the thing about chronic illness… It’s CHRONIC! That means it doesn’t have the courtesy to go away, even for a minute.

winter image of icy lake or pond with trees for an article about chronic illness and depression

Many of us are dealing with the winter storm that hit the Deep North yesterday. As much as it laid us low we know there will be a Spring and then a Summer. That fact makes this burden a little more bearable.

With chronic illness we need to make our own little moments of Spring and Summer because the illness often doesn’t give them to us. The beauty of the sunlight after the storm, the pleasure of the taste of hot cocoa, the feel of a soft warm blanket. They sound like little things, they are, but they build and fill our hearts with light.

Winter is a serious issue for those with chronic illness but it’s also a serious consideration for those who suffer from depression and anxiety. However, sometimes it’s a challenge to know if the way you are feeling is just the winter blues or full-fledged depression. Tacianna Indovina is an Explore What’s Next Therapist and recently wrote an article, “Do I have the winter blues or am I depressed?” that may help you figure it out. Of course, if you find yourself needing to talk to someone please reach out to us and let’s explore this together.

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