Explore What’s Next is a psychotherapy practice located in Western New York that stands out from other regional practices due to our support on trauma prevention and community intervention. As a forward-looking and proactive organization, we believe in looking towards personal growth and development, which requires addressing potential sources of trauma before they have a chance to cause lasting harm.

Explore What’s Next is excited to share this information about the 2nd Annual community Health & Advocacy Conference organized at the University of Buffalo. We are encouraging all community leaders and those working within mental health to attend.

The UB Pediatric Residency Program is hosting our 2nd Annual Community Health & Advocacy Conference this year on Friday, May 5th from 7:45AM-1:00PM. This will include grand rounds from 8-9AM. The event will be in-person at the Jacobs School of Medicine, but there will also be a virtual option.

This conference will be great opportunity for faculty to engage with community-based organizations, trainees and an interdisciplinary audience around this year’s topic, which is trauma prevention and community collaboration. In addition to some wonderful guest speakers, the event will be showcasing the pediatric residents’ Advocacy Track projects during the poster session.

physician organizer, Dr. Sarah Ventre
A graphic promoting the second annual community health and advocacy conference

Trauma Prevention & Treatment

Trauma prevention and treatment is an essential aspect of Explore What’s Next’s approach. Trauma can have a significant impact on a person’s mental health and well-being, and it can occur in many different ways. From a single traumatic event to ongoing, chronic stressors, trauma can lead to long-lasting emotional and psychological damage. Trauma Based Care It is essential to identify potential sources of trauma and take proactive steps to address them before they lead to harmful outcomes.

Community Intervention

Community intervention is another key aspect of Explore What’s Next’s perspective. Our practice recognizes that no individual is an island and that everyone is part of a larger community. By working collaboratively with others, we believe it is possible to create positive change and improve the well-being of everyone involved. Through community intervention, Explore What’s Next aims to empower individuals and communities to take control of their lives and create a better future.

2nd Annual Community Health and Advocacy Conference

We support and are thrilled to promote trauma prevention and community intervention, in this upcoming 2nd Annual Community Health and Advocacy Conference. If you have experienced trauma and are looking for help, don’t hesitate to contact Explore What’s Next for a free initial consultation at 716.634.2600

If you are a mental health provider or a member of a community organization we encourage you to attend this event. We believe the more we come together the better our community will be. 

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