She actually has an electric stove but she instructs us to, "Turn on the gas," which, of course, everyone did in 1935.  Just when we need to learn how to cook for a depression along comes Clara. Nothing fancy about Miss Clara!  Ninety-one years old and one of the most popular chefs on the Internet. Her kitchen should be in the Smithsonian and her cookware looks authentically depression era as well.

Clara personifies many women I've known who cooked exactly the same way – my mother, grandmother, my mother-in-law…so many. My maternal grandmother sent us to the back yard to gather apples and in a snap she'd create a mountainous latticed crusted apple pie worthy of Butterwoods. In fact, Butterwoods wishes they could make a pie like my grandmother's! 

In Clara's fashion, my Mom rarely used a measuring anything. It was always 'toss in a bit of this, throw in a handful of that'. If a cup of anything was needed a real cup was used, nothing calibrated. Out of the sparest of ingredients these women created the comfort food of our dreams.

Clara shares her recipes, technique and wonderful stories about growing up during the Great Depression.  Mangiare!

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