Stuck at home?
Here are (hopefully) 10 helpful Tips For Parents for you and your family during this time:

COVID-19 Stuck at home? 10 Tips For Parents

A snow day (or two) is fun…but more than a few days stuck at home can quickly become overwhelming. Given the current health crisis and closure of schools, many families are looking for help managing daily life. There are so many questions, and unknowns, which make this time even more challenging! Although the public has been provided information about how to protect physical health, there has not been much guidance on how to successfully adjust to a new version of home life. Here are a few helpful tips that parents may want to consider until we are able to resume typical daily life routines!

10 Tips For Parents During The COVID-19 Outbreak

  1. Create a schedule you and your family can follow. 
    • Children respond very well to predictable consistent routines-and this can help parents feel more in control.
    • Try to create a schedule similar to the school day
    • If possible, find ways to incorporate virtual interaction with peers…maybe virtual breakfast, lunch, peer homework help, and/or recess time. 
  2. Since you are likely stuck at home, this could be a perfect time to brush up on life skills! 
    • Find ways Include kids in meal prep, teach kids how to do laundry, dishes, etc. these are valuable skills that will help the household and their future!
  3. “Trade” chores for screen time.
    • Create a chore chart and provide “payment” in the form of screen time-this is one of my favorite contingency-based plans! Do some chores-get more screen time! 
  4. Find some type of movement during the day.
  5. Explore what you already have in your home.
    • Go through the toys and games you already have…maybe challenge the family or children to play every game you currently own!
  6. Plan family movie nights or slumber parties 
    • Take turns picking what to watch 
    • Build a fort or set up tents to “camp” inside  
  7. Incorporate mindfulness practices in your schedule
  8. Craft! 
  9. Honestly and openly talk to kids
    • The children I have met with during this time appear to be struggling (as all of us are) with the idea that this is not an extended snow day or weekend with increased or unlimited access to friends, fun, and screens. Setting limits, outlining expectations, and answering questions to alleviate fear can help them process and understand. 
    • The CDC has provided information to help guide this:
  10.  Manage adult anxiety 
    • Keep breathing ☺
    • Schedule video chats or “virtual play dates” with other parents, family members and friends who are also stuck at home
    • Practice self-care
    • Make time for yourself…every minute alone to ground yourself counts
    •  Stock up on your favorite adult beverage  ☺

COVID-19 Stuck at home? 10 Tips For Parents was written by Colleen Adams.

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