The day after Thanksgiving: Black Friday isn’t  my favorite. Consequently, it was my goal today to do everything possible to avoid a store.  For me, the day after Thanksgiving is a day to relax and putter, that gentle art of doing little tasks in a lazy manner.  Standing in line at Kohl’s at 4 AM to grab a deal has got to be the antithesis of relaxed.  Is it just me or was the Black Friday hype worse this year? 

The Day After Thanksgiving: Black Friday

The Day After Thanksgiving: Black Friday

Traffic reporters shouting about gridlock around the malls; economic pundits predicting the state of the GNP based on sales at Penny’s; television commercials pushing pre-dawn shopping as if it were an invitation to a party and not the feeding frenzy it really is.  OK, that sounded judgmental.  There must be people out there who enjoy the blood sport of extreme shopping.  To these intrepid individuals who keep the American dollar afloat,

God bless you, every one!

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