Feeling Depressed?

You are not alone. An estimated 350 million people of all ages suffer from depression

Depression is not the blues or just a bad week. It is a debilitating condition that cuts across cultures, socio-economic status, age, profession and gender.

More Than Just The Blues

Clinical depression is more than just the “blues” or being “down in the dumps.” About 5% of the world’s population suffers from depression at some time. In the US depression is the leading disability for people between 15 and 45 years of age. Chances are good that you or someone close to you has experienced depression first hand.

“People think depression is sadness, crying or dressing in black. But people are wrong. Depression can be the constant feeling of being numb. You wake up in the morning and walk through the day like a zombie.”


Affects Both Mind & Body

Depression impacts all aspects of everyday life, our appetite, sleep, ability to focus or concentrate, be creative and learn new things. We push people away, feel irritable all the time. Good therapy lifts the dark fog of depression to provide much needed hope.

“Psychotherapy works, and some types of therapy have been shown to be much more effective than antidepressants over the long run.”

/Irving Kirsch

A Good Therapist Is Your Expert Guide

People who are clinically depressed cannot simply will themselves to feel better or just “snap out of it.” A good therapist is your expert guide. In addition to feeling emotionally safe and stronger, you gain insight and tools that last a lifetime.

Benefits of Therapy

Deciding, choosing and then actually going to see a therapist are acts of great courage. Before you even say a word a good therapist knows the bravery it took just to show up.

“In my experience, psychotherapy at its best is like dual meditation – it’s like a container in which you can be compassionate and mindful toward yourself.”

/Jack Kornfield

1. Reality Check

“A good therapist helps you problem solve, reality check and be accountable with nurturance in an environment of emotionally safety.” /Dr. Aletta

2. Self-Awareness

“Good therapy encourages increased self-awareness.” /Emily Becker, LMSW

3. Reflection

“Time out of your busy life to reflect on what’s happening to you and in you!” /Nicole Brown, LCSW

4. Support

“Having someone there just for you, to listen, provide support in an unbiased way.” /Colleen Conjerti, PsyD

5. Empowerment

“Learn how to feel the best you under any circumstance.” /Kate Maleski, LCSW-R

info@explore whats next.com
info@explore whats next.com

Explore What’s Next Therapists

EWN therapists have expertise in effective treatment utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic, Interpersonal, Solution, Supportive, Mindfulness or Trauma based therapy. We stand by your side problem solving. We’re interactive compassionate & nonjudgmental. We provide the guidance, you provide the motivation. You are the ultimate agent of change in your life!


Elvira G. Aletta, PhD

Founder & CEO

Life gave Dr. Aletta the opportunity to know what it’s like to hurt physically and emotionally. After an episode of serious depression in her mid-twenties, Dr. Aletta was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease that relapsed throughout her adulthood. While treatable, the cure was often as hard to bear as the disease. Later she was diagnosed with scleroderma, another chronic illness.

Throughout, Dr. Aletta battled with anxiety. Despite all this, Dr. Aletta wants you to know, you can learn to engage in life again on your terms.

Good therapy helped Dr. Aletta. She knows good therapy can help you. That’s why she created Explore What’s Next.


info@explore whats next.com

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You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by taking this little step.

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