This makes me very unhappy 🙁

Over the weekend my daughter told me that the Coke Zero I was enjoying might be making me hungrier, thus making me eat more, thus totally screwing up my good intentions! Surprised that they are actually teaching my kid something useful in her health class I had to take a closer look.  Could it be that my diet staple is now on the Naughty List? Yes, I'm afraid so.

Diane Sawyer expresses my dismay perfectly.

Here's the thing. Just about anything in moderation is OK. But addiction to the taste either salt, sweet, or both has a way of creeping up on a person.

Many years ago I had to give up salt for my kidneys' sake. God, that was hard. I come from a long line of saltaholics. My Dad used to shake salt onto everything  before he even tasted it! Going salt-less meant everything tasted booor-ring. And guess what? I lost weight. I didn't make that connection until just now!

A diet soda a day is not my thing but I make pitchers and pitchers of Crystal Light peach tea and I drink that all day long. I've been wondering if the artificial sweetener in that stuff isn't a good idea and now the scientists have weighed in. Breaking myself of that habit is not going to be easy.

I console myself by remembering that dark chocolate and red wine is still on the Nice List.