DSC00139Do you have a favorite room in your house, now or from your childhood?  What is (was) it like?  Please let me know in the comments!

When I was reading Susan Martin's blog, From The Home Front, I was reminded about how there are certain rooms in our homes, and the homes we grew up in, that touch us in a special way.  For me it was the screened-in porch of my childhood and the one I enjoy now as an adult.  I will often ask my clients if they have a room in their home that is their special place.  If they don't, I encourage them to create such a place.  In Shelter For The Spirit, Victoria Moran says
"A house can reveal the extent of your assets, but a home reveals the expanse of your heart…"   A special room in such a home is a sanctuary.  Where is yours?  Please let me hear from you.

via The Buffalo News