“The biggest source of stress in
my life is the screen, the blogging.” 

~Jessica Valenti, founder and editor of

Editor’s Note:

While the website being quoted in this blog post (Feministing.com) may have ceased publishing, it is essential to acknowledge that the topic of stress in blogging remains relevant and worthy of discussion. The challenges and pressures faced by bloggers are pervasive in today’s digital landscape. The mental and emotional toll, time management, content creation, and maintaining audience engagement are all factors that contribute to the stress experienced by bloggers. We want to express our utmost respect for the authors and publishers behind the website, and we sincerely wish them well in their future endeavors. It is crucial to continue conversations surrounding this topic and explore strategies for effectively managing and mitigating the stress associated with blogging as well as all walks of life.

What? I mean, let’s get real here. It must be really, really nice not to have a greater crisis eating up your attention and time than blogging. On the other hand, I understand exactly what Valenti means.

The image shows the business of a computer and hands holding a phone with social media icons conveying the concept of business. The Quote says "The biggest source of stress in
my life is the screen, the blogging."

Anything can cause us to lose focus on what is fundamentally important, even seemingly innocuous things. For some parents, it could be getting sucked into over-scheduling extracurricular activities for the kids. For a college student, it might be taking on too many credit hours. For a young professional, it might be the pressure to pass their certification exams the first time. I’ve known people to have debilitating severe anxiety over these things.

Why Stress?

Why stress over such stuff when there are so many much more serious troubles in the world? Unemployment, illness, war. Take your pick.

Because it’s our direct experience that’s important to us, that’s why. I tell my patients all the time, please, don’t compare your stress to someone else’s. It’s like comparing pain of any kind. It can’t be done. We can and I hope do, have compassion for each other but who am I to minimize the stress of a new mother just because her baby is healthy? Or of a young man, trying his hand at being an entrepreneur? These are good things, right?

Sure they are. But still it takes courage to do them and doing them can be stressful.

And what about blogging?  I know I needed a break this weekend. Not going online for a few days was hard the first day. Easier the second. Genuinely cleansing the third.

Take A Break From The Stress!

We all need a break whatever is causing us stress; a respite, a moratorium. If you can, I recommend closing the door on whatever is causing stress for you and getting back to some fundamentals like uninterrupted sleep, play time with the kids, cooking a favorite meal, eating it. 

You will get back to your unique not-to-be-compared life, refreshed and stronger.

dr aletta