With all due respect to Elizabeth Gilbert


About three years ago my life changed dramatically. My husband called to tell
me he was leaving his job at the university. I was three hundred miles away,
standing outside a crematorium in Queens. My cousin's husband died
suddenly and I made the trip to be with her.

decision meant financial uncertainty. I understood why he had to do it
and was totally in agreement, but I
was scared. What we had talked about for months had become a reality.
After putting away my cell phone, I cried and cried. I cried for my cousin, for her loss, and for John and me. It was a confusing mess. Sadly or
fortunately, crying was expected at a funeral so no one took much
notice. After the ceremony, my cousin invited close friends and family
to a lovely Italian restaurant for dinner. We proceeded to comfort
ourselves with the world's most comforting food.

Thus began several years of eating my way through the stress of
building two new businesses, one with my husband and another by myself. As
long as porcini mushroom ravioli calmed my nerves, I didn't need Valium.

During this time trips to the
barn to see Annie
became more and more
infrequent. Not taking the time to indulge in my favorite exercise,
riding, meant I wasn't burning near as many calories. During the winter
I hardly saw Annie at all. The less I rode, the more I ate, the bigger
I got.

Efforts to gain control over my need to feed came and went and are well
on this blog.
I knew diets weren't the answer but I struggled with what was. So I did the
logical thing. I gave up and just let my stress have its way with me.
It wasn't all bad. My hard work did pay off. But as the businesses
grew, so
did my waist line. Thank God for elastic.


Two months ago, after a long day at work, I dragged myself up the stairs to
change. At four in the afternoon I was tired. I felt weighed down, like someone had stuffed a
bunch of rocks in my underwear. I reached the top of the stairs and
thought, this cannot be healthy.

As I caught my breath, I took stock. In business you must always be
growing but did I have to grow right along with it? I had reached my three year milestones an entire year ahead
of time. I could afford to throttle down. If I didn't get a grip on my
weight, my kidneys could break down under the pressure. I risked
relapse. And my self-esteem wasn't too perky either. I needed help. I began to pray.

Our Lady of Weight Loss answered my prayer. "Lighten
up! Literally! Stop punishing yourself!"

She said, "Move away from food and toward life!"

There was no miracle, no pill, no weird gimmick. Just the power of loving kindness and generosity of spirit.

And faithfully counting calories.

Within seven weeks I lost ten pounds. Our Lady would remind me to say that I permanently lost ten pounds, because I never, ever intend to have to lose those ten pounds ever again!

There are more pounds to go before my prayers are fully answered. But for now, whenever I feel
the weight of the world descend on me, triggering a relentless longing for pasta, I pray
for divine intervention from Our Lady of Weight Loss. She always
answers my prayer. All I have to do is listen.


One day, early in our conversations, Our Lady said to me:

"Whatever you do that you love, do more of it."

OK, I thought, what would that be? What was I not doing already that I love doing?

I could ride more. I could stop letting every little obstacle get in
the way of barn time and just go. My family was not an excuse any more.
They would understand.

Instead of going to the barn once in a while, I began going three,
even four times a week, each time feeling as if Annie, smart mare that she is, was checking me
out. "Who are you," she'd ask, "and what have you done to my absentee

In the past I've tried gyms, spent my weight in gold on memberships, but
the weight machines and ellipticals just never did it for me. I even
hired a personal trainer once, but when she didn't yell at me
like Jillian, of The Biggest Loser, I felt cheated.
If she wasn't going to be abusive what good was she?

The barn is my gym, my dojo, my zen garden. It is a place where I
go to regain my balance.
Riding Annie I exercise my muscles and my spirit. Why was I depriving
myself of this nutritious stuff? This is what Our Lady of Weight Loss
wanted me to see.

Today I am training for a horse show! It is a little, elegant show, held by Maple Row every year. Everyone at the barn and at home has been so supportive. Training for the show has given me a focus outside
myself I didn't realize I needed. Because I started taking riding lessons again I feel more
confident putting Annie through her paces. Because of more frequent
rides, my fear of being dumped is mere background noise, not a
screaming siren in my face. Annie and I are getting stronger together and that
leads to love. Now when I kiss Annie, she kisses me back! Strangers no

It's been
over three years since I entered a horse show. I'm proud and very
relieved to
say my old show jacket fits! Whether we walk away with a ribbon
or scratch for some reason, I know this journey doesn't end when the
last fence is jumped and the lights go dark over the arena. Nope, we're
enjoying this too much to let it go.

As Our Lady of Weight Loss says, "What you lose in weight you gain in energy! Be creative! Create a fabulous life!"

And bring a big bag of carrots.