We all wear lots of hats.  Women in particular have quite a collection going on.  Parent, spouse, caregiver to our parents, sibling, domestic goddess, office superhero, we do it all.  Last year I added a new hat to my collection.  I became an Entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs ar sexy

Upper Case Entrepreneurs = Boss Status

You could say anyone who is self-employed is an entrepreneur so I considered myself one ever since I became devoted to Explore What’s Next full time.  But for whatever reason I was a lower case entrepreneur (boy, that’s hard to spell!), now I’m Upper Case Entrepreneur.  Bear with me while I explain…

My husband, John, is a neurobiologist and a smarter than heck guy.    When I met him I fell hard.  The world saw a
nerdy, laboratory geek in horn-rimmed glasses.  I saw a sexy scientist.  

CH3 BioSystems Is Made!

Flash forward to the 21st century….John had a twinkle in his eye.  What if we took his patented biochemical discovery (an exciting new technology to identify and commercialize drug and diagnostic candidates) and built a company around it?  When I saw he wasn’t kidding I gave him my full support.  Then he asked me to join him as a business partner.  Wow.  I agreed but of course, I had no idea what I was agreeing to at the time.  All I knew was that whatever it took we were going to make this new company happen.  Thus, CH3 BioSystems was born.

With intense hard work, we developed a business plan and entered a regional competition for start-up companies.  CH3 BioSystems won the Panasci Competition for 2007 and with it $30,000.00 of seed money and support services! 

Today as the owner of two very different businesses I am learning every day.  At a time when many of my friends and colleagues are retiring, John and I are ramping it up.   It’s a lot like being in graduate school again, the good stuff (meeting really cool people) and the bad (information overload hangovers).  In future posts, I’ll be talking more about this fascinating aspect of life.

The adventure continues…

dr aletta