Dr. Colleen Adams is hosting a workshop later this month to introduce you to the wonders of essential oils. Here is an interview we had earlier about her enthusiasm in the use of essential oils. /Dr. Aletta

How long have you used essential oils?
For about five years. I started with the desire to find a way to make my home smell nice, without using chemicals or the toxins that are often in “smelly” products like plug-ins, candles and air fresheners. I purchased a few nice smelling oils and an easy to use defuser from a local health store. This was the start of my oil journey. I soon began to look for other ways to incorporate oils into my daily life.

What are some ways that you currently use oils?
Oil infused products are all over my home! I make almost all of my cleaning products with essential oils. Some examples include all-purpose cleaner, air fresheners, drain cleaner, etc. I also dabble in soy-based candles made with essential oils. The scent they release is wonderful.

After noticing how easy and inexpensive it was to make products for my home, I started to investigate the benefits of essential oils for skin care. I now make and use body scrubs, face-wash, hand soap, lotions and body oils. All homemade!

What’s the difference between aromatherapy and essential oils?
The terms aromatherapy and essential oil are often used interchangeably. I personally believe the best way to differentiate the terms is to think of aromatherapy as the use of essential oils to address a specific concern. For example, lavender, an essential oil, is commonly defused to help with relaxation and sleep, aromatherapy.

What benefits have you experienced?
First off, I feel much better having a house where my animals are no longer exposed to dangerous chemicals. I can image for people with children this would be a total relief! I also noticed my over-all well-being has improved. I do not get sick as often, and when I do the course is much shorter. I also noticed improvements in my mood and energy level. Beyond that, my skin and hair appear healthier! I love that there are different oils to target different concerns, and how they can be used for much more than simply experiencing a nice smell!

A friend also introduced me to the topical application

Dr. Colleen Adams, Group Leader

of oils in a roller form. I not only use these items myself, but I have also started to share them with others. My mom was a total “non-believer” and relied on pain killers for bone and muscle pain, until my friend provided the ingredients for a blend that could be used directly on the skin. This product has helped my mom tremendously, and is only one example of how I started to share this information with others.

Join Dr. Adams for a fun and informative three part workshop series to learn more about essential oils and aromatherapy! Each class, Essential Oils 101, Essential Well-Being, Self and Home Care, includes an opportunity to create a different product that you can take home for personal use!

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