Browsing the Huffington Post I came across the title of this article “Everyone Should Be In Therapy” and was immediately intrigued. The author,  Thomas Moore, “has been a monk, a musician, a professor, a psychotherapist, an author and a lecturer. His book Care of the Soul was a number one bestseller and he’s written about 20 books in all. Currently he’s working hard trying to bring soul to medicine.”  Sounds good to me! And his article did not disappoint. Here are a few excerpts:

One of the first things I learned after beginning to practice psychotherapy was that everyone is at least a little neurotic, and everyone, at one time or another, could do with a little therapy.

We are not as rational as we might believe or act. Passions can get the better of the best of us. I have yet to meet a completely healthy, adjusted neurosis-free person. I include myself. I have clearly needed therapy on several occasions, and I still reflect on insights, dreams, stories and events from my experiences as a client in therapy.

If you are in good professional hands, therapy can help you get through your depression and grief, find work that you love, work out those marital strains and discover the fascinating universe of your soul.

I know, some people don’t like the soul word. But let me remind you that it has been around for thousands of years and has been explored with remarkable intelligence. In fact, the word “psychotherapy” comes from two key terms that Plato and other philosophers studied closely: psyche meaning soul, and theraps meaning attendant or servant. The word “psychotherapy” means literally “care of the soul.”

 These are sentiments I can agree with! To read the entire article, Everyone Should Be In Therapy, click here.