Getting ready for HEAL Buffalo (this weekend at Hotel Henry) gave me time to think about the Explore Essential Oils workshop and information I love to share with others. I can’t help but notice my inner child light up when coworkers, friends, family members, and even my college students approach me with essential oil questions. One of the most common questions I get is, “what is your favorite essential oil?” This is always hard to answer! I have so many oils and blends that I use for different purposes–it would take me much longer than people are willing to wait for a complete answer! As I prepare for this weekend (practice makes perfect), I want to share my Top 5 Essential Oils with you!

Top 5 Essential Oils

Explore Essential Oils: Top 5 Essential Oils

1. Tea Tree

#1 on my Top 5 Essential Oils list is tea tree oil. When I first started my essential oil journey, I was hesitant to explore anything beyond lavender and premade blends. I soon found out that there are a million ways to use tea tree oil! With powerful antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, tea tree oil is my go-to oil for skin and home care- I always have this oil near me! It’s strong yet refreshing smell instantly wakes me up! Whether my sink drains or face pores are clogged, tea tree quickly clears the issue up!

2. Lemon

Lemon is another newbie to my Top 5 Essential Oils list. Although I was comfortable diffusing lemon, I was initially scared to use this oil on my skin due to its possible phototoxic effect (don’t use if you plan on exposing skin to the sun within the next 10 hours). I quickly learned that when diluted properly, and used with caution, Lemon is AMAZING. In addition to its clean fresh smell, lemon promotes clear thinking, an invigorated feeling all while boosting your immune system. If that wasn’t enough, lemon has done wonders for my skin! I use a non-toxic DIY lemon body scrub daily, which gently exfoliates, moisturizes and brightens my skin, leaving a fresh clean scent.  

3. Lavender

Next on my Top 5 Essential Oils list is Lavender. Lavender oil is the first oil I recommend to new users. It is extremely versatile, gentle and safe to use around children, pregnant women and animals. It is another oil I always have near me. Most people have heard that Lavender is a fantastic sleep aid, which is true, but it can also provide balance for physical, mental and emotional health. I use Lavender every day in a DIY face wash, a bedtime pillow mist, and throughout the day to help relax when I’m feeling a bit edgy.

4. Orange

Orange is another new addition to my Top 5 Essential Oil list. Data has shown that the Orange essential oil has the unique ability to both uplift and relax. I typically blend orange with other citrus oils and sage for a refreshing body mist, in a deep sleep blend used before bedtime and also in a brown sugar body scrub. It’s fresh clean scent also supports happiness and personally reminds me of sunshine and summer, especially during the long Buffalo winters.

5. Frankincense

I almost regret listing Frankincense last on my Top 5 Essential Oil list. It is another safe and well-known oil I recommend to beginners. Frankincense is commonly used for meditation or spiritual awareness and is safe to use around humans and animals of all ages. I use Frankincense as a single oil, in a variety of blends, and as part of my face care routine. Frankincense is also great for skin care, including wrinkles, stretch marks, healing and general rejuvenation.    

Although my Top 5 Essential Oils list was hard to complete, I am so excited to share this information (and much more) at HEAL Buffalo and our next Explore Essential Oils workshop.  Do you have any ideas, topics, or questions you want covered? If so, I would love to hear from you!

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