I am so happy to announce the launch of Explore Therapy, a new integrated mental health service with Buffalo Pediatric Associates! Kate Maleski, LCSW-R, a senior associate at Explore What’s Next and I have partnered to create and manage this new venture.

Announcement graphic that reads Explore Therapy: A New Explore What's Next Venture. It has a graphic with a young girl and the Explore Therapy Logo and the Explore What's Next Logo.

Explore Therapy will provide mental and behavioral health support to the children, teens, parents, caregivers, and families cared for by the Buffalo Pediatrics medical, management, and support team as well as our Buffalo community at large.

Explore What’s Next, LLC, will provide management, administration, and non-clinical support to Explore Therapy. There are two things that distinguish Explore Therapy clinically from Explore What’s Next: 

Integrated Health Model of Care

First is the Integrated Health model of care that Explore Therapy has in close relationship with Buffalo Pediatrics. 

The World Health Organization defines Integrated Health as

“the organization and management of health services so that people get the care they need, when they need it, in the ways that are user-friendly, achieve the desired results and provide value for money.”

World Health Organization

In the US we have responded to the need for a more integrated health system by becoming more sensitive to seeing people as whole beings. All aspects of being human, mental, physical, and behavioral health, all need equal amounts of attention because each affects the other. The Integrated Health model recognizes this by putting all of these services under one roof, facilitating follow-up and continuity of care for all. 

Explore Therapy Accepts Patients’ Insurance Including Medicare & Medicaid

Secondly, Explore Therapy will take patients’ insurance, and will accept both Medicare and Medicaid to best serve the patients of Buffalo Pediatrics and their families and caregivers. 

We have a lovely new office on the second floor of the Buffalo Pediatrics building at Bryant and Linwood in Buffalo. Visit our website www.exploretherapyny.com and follow us on Instagram


Graphic that looks like a newspaper with a headline that says Help Wanted and shows a therapist talking to a client.

We actively seek clinical staff who are interested in working in this insurance-based professional start-up. We offer flexible hours, part-time or full, tons of support and terrific bosses 🙂 If you, or anyone you know, would like to learn more about employment opportunities with Explore Therapy contact us!

The right professional for Explore Therapy has a master’s degree from a clinical track as an LCSW or LMHC or a licensed psychologist with experience working with children and families. We’re looking for a people person, someone who is enthusiastic to work with a team that includes the medical and support staff at Buffalo Pediatrics. 

Start-ups can be a bit rough because we are working out the kinks of everything from procedures to techy stuff. A collaborating nature is key. Together with Kate and me, the Explore Therapy clinicians will enjoy this challenge and be contributing, problem-solving, team members. It’s a great career opportunity for the early career professional or someone who has worked in big organizations such as school districts or community mental health centers and is looking for more independence in a smaller setting.

Questions and curiosity are welcome. Contact Kate (kate@explorewhatsnext.com) or me (draletta@explorewhatsnext.com) to learn more!