People pleaser is a label I hate. That it is accurate when used to describe me just makes me hate it more. My ability to be a people pleaser was off to an early start when I first impressed my dad with my reading skills. The book was Little Bear by Elsa Holmelund Minarik and I killed it! My dad’s smile was all the positive reinforcement I needed to convince me that I wanted to do more of this people pleasing thing. 

Dr Mindy Scime sitting in a chair with hands folded

People pleasing served me well until it didn’t. Over and over again I would commit to a project, a job, a task for someone else only to end up feeling exhausted, unsatisfied and resentful. When it began to sink in that I could say “No” I still didn’t believe it. Really? It took a while and a lot of therapy to break through my people pleaser training, to give myself permission to take care of myself first.

Self-care is a new buzz word and for once it’s a buzz word that I can get behind. Self-care means making yourself your own priority. It means putting the oxygen mask on yourself first. Self-care is the antidote to people pleasing and it comes in all kinds of shapes and forms. 

Dr Mindy Scime and Dr Elvira Aletta

Explore What’s Next is the logical manifestation of a philosophy of self-care for the mind and the body that we nurture here, in therapy, in our groups and all our workshops and now at The Studio in our yoga classes and more.

Dr. Mindy Scime Our First Speaker

That’s why we are especially excited that our first speaker in our Speaker Series for 2020 is Dr. Mindy Scime, Director of Living wellness of Niagara. Creator of Badass Self-Care, a 6-month group program for women in which the group explores and practices the principles of Badass Self-Care, Dr. Scime is all about radically embracing the fact that we are enough, in this moment, right now. We have nothing to prove. We deserve to be the center of our own busy lives. 

my sacred pause a book written by Dr Melinda Scime

She also recently published a book, My Sacred Pause: Daily reflections on looking within, loving who you are, and living out loud! We are both excited about sitting together to talk about the challenges of self-care for the busy woman, and what other kinds of woman is there? Please join us for this free event, March 22, Sunday at 11:30 AM. Space is limited. You can reserve your space on the Explore What’s Next Event Page on Facebook.

You can register here.

Elvira G. Aletta, PhD, Founder & CEO

Executive & Personal CoachingIndividual & Relationship Counseling

The Studio at Explore What's Next

Life gave Dr. Aletta the opportunity to know what it’s like to hurt physically and emotionally. After an episode of serious depression in her mid-twenties, Dr. Aletta was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease that relapsed throughout her adulthood. While treatable, the cure was often as hard to bear as the disease. Later she was diagnosed with scleroderma, another chronic illness.

Good therapy helped Dr. Aletta. She knows good therapy can help you. That’s why she created Explore What’s Next.

Today Dr. Aletta enjoys mentoring the EWN therapists, focusing on coaching and psychotherapy clients, writing and speaking.

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