DSC00197 Today I woke up nice and content in my own skin.

Why? (you may ask) Could it be because I got a good night's sleep? Because for a few days in a row I didn't eat that second cookie? Because the days are longer? Because health care reform passed?

Does it matter? Why look a gift horse in the mouth? Why not just let it be?

Too often it feels like we are on the other side of the mood spectrum. Glum and out of sorts, we work on our cognitions to boost our mood with reasonable self-talk and affirmations. That's important and effective for those dark days, but for once, wouldn't it be nice to have a day that, for no obvious reason, just felt good?

Instead of questioning it, I decided to get on board and enjoy the ride…

I thanked God for putting this new day before me. (And for giving me the day off!)

Outside my window, the sky was cloudy but the cool wetness contrasted with the coziness of being inside where it was warm and dry.

My dog had an appointment at the groomer's. Instead of driving him there and driving all the way back home, I brought along some 'homework' to do at the Starbuck's close by. A tall, skinny, vanilla latte, please!

My most excellent dog was excited to see me when I picked him up. Nothing like unconditional doggy love!

After a light workout, I took a shower. If you have ever traveled abroad you know what miracles hot, steamy showers are.

The day just got better from there. I had a delicious lunch with a friend, picked up the kids from school, talked on the phone with my sister who lives hundreds of miles away. Nothing earth shattering. Just everyday tasks, errands, conversations that, experienced in the soft light of happiness, made me feel secure, loved, content.

Georgia Heard, author of Writing Toward Home, talks about the creative power of opening up to falling in love with what the world so generously offers – a stack of glossy red apples at the market, the clean smell of fresh cut grass, a warm pool of sunlight on the carpet. She suggests this exercise to open up our hearts and minds:

Each day for one week fall in love at least three times. Write it down – describe in detail what you fall in love with. What is the feeling that comes over you when you experience this falling in love? Each time we fall in love something that was closed inside us opens and creativity begins to flow.

I think I fell in love about five times today. I fell in love with the view outside my kitchen window, with my dog, with the warmth of my sweater, hell, with my shower, even with my Quickbooks program! (Believe me, that's a bloody miracle.)

And it was just an ordinary day, nothing special.