Even the best of parents need reassurance once in a while. Then there are those times when we run into a crisis concerning our kids and we need guidance fast. Here are five blogs that I like to follow for child rearing advice. They are written by well-qualified people who do their research, have on-the-job training and know what they are talking about. Their advice is common sense and do-able. What impresses me most is how they communicate: in clear, direct language, no fancy psych jargon, and with a light, caring touch.

Reality Check, by Dr. Michele Borba. Proven solutions to raise strong caring kids.

Sue Schef Blog, Parent Advocate and Author – Founder of Parents’ Universal Resource Experts.

Kids Awareness Series, by Kara T. Tamanini. Bringing Understanding to Childhood Disorders

The POWerful Parent Blog, by Dr. Robyn Silverman. Down to earth parenting tips.

Tortured by Teenagers & Proactive Black Parenting, by Gina Carroll. A Call to Excellence.

Family Mental Health, by Erica Krull. A PsychCentral blog so you know it's good.