For many families Thanksgiving isn't just a one day of celebration, it's a whole weekend of time together. I'm thankful my kids like a variety of activities so when we get saturated with too much TV (or computer) we break out the cards or go outside.

1) Board games. Our favorites are Monopoly and Apples to Apples.
2) Take a walk. The best part of a brisk walk is when you go inside for some hot chocolate!
3) Play anything with a ball.  Remember Four Square? All it takes is a bouncy ball and a driveway. Basketball, touch football, soccer, it's all good.
4) A Craft or Cooking project. There is absolutely nothing like chocolate chip cookies from scratch.
5) Card games. Gin Rummy is just challenging enough to engage the older kids. If the kids are little, War or Go Fish is fun.

Yesterday we walked to a park close to my in-laws'. Armed with a soccer
and basketball we played for an hour. We did a lot of shouting and running and generally were very silly.
The family that plays together….