Check it out!

A few weeks ago I received an email from my sister-in-law. She saw an item on the nightly news that said qualified New York residents were owed billions of dollars from the state government. She went to the website www.osc.state.ny.us to see if it was for real.

It totally was!

She found my name listed as being eligible for a remittance from New York. It didn't say how much or why, but what the heck?

The steps for getting the money back were easy. The very next day I downloaded the form, filled it out, went to the bank to get it notarized, popped it in the mail, and completely forgot about it.

Only a few weeks later, this check was in my mailbox. OK, it wasn't for a whole lot but I will not sniff at legitimately found money of any amount. Would you?

Here's what I think happened. Ages ago I returned a skirt I bought at Talbots. They gave me a store credit that I never used. I know! Who forgets store credit? It must have been a crazy time for me or else everything in Talbots was dreck. Anyhoo…Talbots turned it over to the State Comptroller's office and there it sat, patiently waiting for me to claim it.

So if you are, or ever were, a New York resident, why not see if the State Comptroller is holding any money for you? Here's what he says,

"I am very committed to returning account owners with their unclaimed funds, so feel free to encourage others to check my Internet website [he's got to be an old fart to say 'Internet website' but we love him anyway] at: www.osc.state.ny.us or have them call my Hotline…"  ~Thomas P. DiNapoli, State Comptroller

Inside NYS call 800-221-9311 & Outside NYS 518-270-2200.

Good luck!