Sometimes I come across wonderful stuff I want to share that doesn't fall easily into a psychology type category. It might be an art exhibit, a book that has nothing to do with self-improvement, a place to visit to uplift the soul, a joke or funny story, a silly video, music, whatever!

For these little life enhancing sweets I created Life Candy. Friday is the perfect day of the week to be Life Candy day. So here's our first feature: Imogene Heap.

A few days ago I was driving around chauffeuring my kids to the next event in their busier-than-mine social life, when I heard this delightful music on NPR.  It was First Train Home. The interview with Heap was as sweet as her music. That's not to say Heap is sweet, no, but she sounded so accessible, like she could be your girlfriend. It's a wonderful quality that probably explains why she has close a million followers on Twitter! Give a listen and see what you think.

And if you have an idea or something you think would make a good Life Candy feature please share!