2537952100_4047ae82f6_mThe holidays are a prime 'getting engaged' season.  Love and hope are are in 
the air. A beautiful ring makes the ultimate gift. Decorations and bright lights provide a perfect backdrop. Friends and relatives are conveniently gathered so that making the big announcement and showing off the ring can be done with maximum effect.

Besides, it's romantic!

Now the wedding plans are under way but what about the marriage plans? How can you two give your life together the best foundation possible? 

In the next six months, from now until June, I will periodically post tidbits to help you prepare for your marriage adventure. A sampling of topics to come:

    • Make your arguments work for you not against you.
    • Money. How to merge your economic styles.
    • Sex. Is it working for you?
    • The In-laws. Supportive or toxic? How to handle both.
    • Your place or his? How to build you love nest.
    • Get the wedding you want without having someone hate you.

    Bringing two lives together has it's challenges. I want to help you be ready to meet them and make them work for you. There will also be links to helpful resources and services, like my pre-marital coaching program. My hope is to help you have a great start to your life together with confidence and style! 

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